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ARRL Handbook for Radiocommunications 2011
08.12.2010, 11:49
ARRL Handbook for Radiocommunications 2011


Technology both enables and challenges the amateur. Digital computing is finding its way into nearly every
aspect of Amateur Radio, making possible functions and features that are entirely new — with amateurs leading
the way — or that were previously exclusive to government and industry. At the same time, increasing miniaturization
of electronics requires the practitioner of the "roll your own” tradition to learn new skills and make use of
new tools. More than ever, the amateur needs up-to-date references and guidance.
Now in its second year of a cycle of renewal and expansion, the 2011 ARRL Handbook rises to the challenge,
building on last year’s milestone edition by remaking an entire chapter, presenting a novel and useful new project
and including many useful updates. Several supporting papers and monographs have been added to the extensive
collection of material on the CD-ROM included with the book, as well, including a new version of Jim Tonne,
W4ENE’s, filter design software, ELSIE. Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, contributed several advanced and detailed papers
on RF circuit simulation, mixers, and oscillators for the advanced reader — these are provided on the CD-ROM.
Responding to reader feedback, the Table of Contents now includes an extra level of headings to help you
quickly find the material you need.
One of Amateur Radio’s largest challenges is addressed in Chapter 27, RF Interference. RFI is the bane of
many amateur’s existence, perhaps as much as antenna restrictions. No longer just the "Tennessee Valley Indians”
(TVI) of years past, RFI now occurs in both directions — from the ham’s strong signal to consumer electronics
and from stray RF signals and electrical noise radiated by consumer electronics and power-line equipment
to the ham’s receiver. The old chapter was completely rewritten to address this new reality. In addition, a
big new section on Automotive RFI was contributed for the multiplying mobile operators.
Lift the cover of any modern radio and many accessories — what do you see? Microprocessors! The use
of these powerful computing devices enables designers to create features that wouldn’t have been practical to
implement with analog circuitry. The signature new project in this edition — Chapter 24’s "A Microprocessor
Controlled SWR Monitor” by Larry Coyle, K1QW — exemplifies the power of hybrids of analog and digital.
It’s easy to build and should appear in many stations.
Another type of hybrid is growing outside the shack as amateurs facing station-building restrictions at home
"take to the hills,” building remote HF stations linked to the home PC via the Internet. Chapter 29, Assembling A
Station, includes a brand-new section written by remote station veteran Rick Hilding, K6VVA. Because every remote
station is highly customized, Rick leads you through a list of items that you need to consider as you design
your own shack in the country or on a hilltop.
Hand-in-hand with the new construction technologies, free or low-cost software tools are now available for
every ham with a computer and Internet connection. This makes it possible to design and order custom circuit
boards for personal or club projects at reasonable cost. Dale Grover, KD8KYZ, has contributed a detailed discussion
of this process to help the reader take advantage of these new services.
Not completely devoted to the latest technology, there are some how-to’s for much-loved tube equipment.
Roger Halstad, K8RI, explains how to tune up a triode or tetrode amplifier — a skill any ham with a tube-based
amplifier needs to understand. Amplifier care and troubleshooting are addressed, too. John Fitzsimmons, W3JN,
describes how to restore and repair vintage equipment in the Troubleshooting and Maintenance chapter.
As you will see, the ARRL Handbook’s team of authors, editors, and reviewers are working hard to carry forward
the traditional technology of Amateur Radio while at the same time remaining faithful to the FCC’s Basis
and Purpose for the Amateur Service in advancing the individual’s skills and practices. We are confident you’ll
find this edition to have met that standard.


http://letitbit.net/download/86585.8b59f27a709fb50a4fea66b10711/ARRL_Handbook_2011.part1.rar.html  200Mb
http://letitbit.net/download/52635.5e760d4efd2ae4fb88df61032359/ARRL_Handbook_2011.part2.rar.html  200Mb
http://letitbit.net/download/83621.86f884dea5fc9bc0a6c97f3b272d/ARRL_Handbook_2011.part3.rar.html   80Mb

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