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Satellite Communications Systems Engineering Atmospheric Effects, Satellite Link Design and System Performance Louis J. Ippolito, Jr.
30.09.2010, 12:13
Satellite Communications Systems Engineering Atmospheric Effects, Satellite Link Design and System Performance
Louis J. Ippolito, Jr.

The book is written for those concerned with the design and performance of satellite
communications systems employed in fixed point-to-point, broadcasting, mobile, radionavigation,
data-relay, computer communications, and related satellite-based applications. The
recent rapid growth in satellite communications has created a need for accurate information on
both satellite communications systems engineering and the impact of atmospheric effects on
satellite link design and system performance. This book addresses that need for the first time
in a single comprehensive source.
Significant progress has been made in the last decade in the understanding and modeling of
propagation effects on radiowave propagation in the bands used for satellite communications,
including extensive direct measurements and evaluation utilizing orbiting satellites. This book
provides a single source for a comprehensive description and analysis of all the atmospheric
effects of concern for today’s satellite systems and the tools necessary to design the links and
evaluate system performance. Many of the tools and calculations are provided in a ‘handbook’
form, with step-by-step procedures and all necessary algorithms are in one place to allow direct
calculations without the need to consult other material.
The book provides the latest information on communications satellite link design and
performance from the practicing engineer perspective – concise descriptions, specific procedures,
and comprehensive solutions. I focus on the satellite free-space link as the primary
element in the design and performance for satellite communications. This focus recognizes and
includes the importance of free-space considerations such as atmospheric effects, frequency
of operation, and adaptive mitigation techniques.
The reader can enter the book from at least three perspectives:
• for basic information on satellite systems and related technologies, with minimum theoretical
developments and practical, useable, up-to-date information;
• as a satellite link design handbook, with extensive examples, step-by-step procedures, and
the latest applications oriented solutions;
• as a textbook for a graduate level course on satellite communications systems – the book
includes problems at the end of each chapter and a solutions manual for the instructor.
Unlike many other books on satellite communications, this book does not bog down the reader
in specialized, regional technologies and hardware dependent developments that have limited
general interest and a short lifetime. The intent of the author is to keep the book relevant for
the entire global wireless community by focusing on the important basic principles that are
unique and timeless to satellite-based communications delivery systems.
I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the many individuals and organizations
whose work and efforts are reflected and referenced in this book. I have had the privilege of
knowing and working with many of these researchers, some pioneers in the field of satellite
communications, through my long affiliations with NASA, the ITU, and other organizations.
The ideas and concepts that led to the development of this book were honed and enhanced
through extensive discussions and interchange of ideas with many of the original developers
of the technologies and processes covered in the book.
Finally, I gratefully acknowledge the support and encouragement of my wife Sandi who kept
me focused on the project and whose patience I could always count on. This book is dedicated
to Sandi, and to our children Karen, Rusty, Ted, and Cathie.

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