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The Radio Station Broadcast, Satellite & Internet 7 EDITION Michael C. Keith
24.09.2010, 11:59

The Radio Station
Broadcast, Satellite & Internet

What’s New to This Edition of
The Radio Station

The seventh edition strives to be more
universal and timely in its approach to its
subject by incorporating material about
ALL radio stations — broadcast, satellite,
and Internet. The entire text has been
updated and revised to include dozens
of new fi gures. Some of the highlights

Chapter 1 — HD Radio is discussed
more extensively in terms of its prospects
for competing with satellite radio
and helping to revive a sagging terrestrial
radio market. Likewise, the sections on
satellite and Internet radio are embellished
in terms of programming, marketing,
and policy and their relationship
with broadcast radio. The sections on
LPFM and radio regulations are brought
up to date as well.

Chapter 2 — The impact of station clustering
on management is expanded, and
several new contributors weigh in on a
host of topics related to running broadcast,
satellite, and Internet operations
and overseeing the integration of new
Chapter 3 — New formats are discussed
as well as programming in the cluster
environment. Sections on satellite and
Internet programming are expanded,
and the uses and applications of podcasts
and blogs are considered. Station
Web site content is also examined in this

Chapter 4 — New contributions by key
industry sales executives refresh this
chapter. Selling in the cluster setup is
assessed more extensively. Updated
fi gures include new rate cards and sales
software programs.

Chapters 5, 7, 8, and 11 — The content in
these chapters has been updated to refl ect
the expanding presence of computers and
use of the Internet and station Web sites.
How station consolidation has impacted
these areas is further considered.

Chapter 6 — The section on Arbitron’s
Portable People Meter is expanded and
updated, and how the Internet is used to
enhance station research is examined.

Chapter 9 — Information on the expanding
array of new audio tools — digital
equipment and Internet applications — is
presented in the context of studio production.

Chapter 10 — New and expanded data
on station classifi cations and governmental
regulations give this chapter a timeliness,
as does a section on satellite and
Internet radio technology.

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