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ON4UN Low Band Dx'ing 5th Edition
24.02.2011, 11:53
ON4UN Low Band Dx'ing 5th Edition

Finally, my thanks go to Steve, WB8IMY, at ARRL who
twisted my arm and convinced me to write this "final” edition,
and to Mark, K1RO, who helped edit this 5th edition,
and to the production staff at ARRL for bringing all of the
pieces together.
I hope that this new book will be instrumental in further
promoting this wonderful hobby, where we move right in the
steps of the pioneers of Amateur Radio. We do it at roughly
the same wavelengths, we love experimenting, innovation and
ingenuity, the sense of discovery, adventure, excitement and
joy. It’s everything that makes Amateur Radio unique. Unique
in a way that satisfaction does not come automatically but as
a result of dedication, education, knowledge, perseverance
and patience.
I would like to dedicate this book to everyone who
has made it possible for me to write the series of
Low Band DXing books, a story that started 25 years
ago. First of all, I think of my loving wife Frida, who
has actively supported my wonderful hobby for half a
century.But I would also like to dedicate this book to those
"godfathers” of the different chapters in the different editions
of the book, who were willing to spend time and effort to
make this book into what it has become. One person I would
like to mention in particular is indefatigable Robye Lahlum,
W1MK. This book would not have been what it’s become
without Robye.
Finally I want to dedicate this edition of my book to Gaston
Geirnaert, ex ON4GV, who became Silent Key in late 2009
while I was working on the last chapters of this edition. Gaston
was my uncle. He introduced me to Amateur Radio over
55 years ago. He was my Elmer and gave me my first CW
key. Without him this book would never have been.
To all of you, my readers, enjoy the low bands and have
fun! I enjoyed writing for you.
First of all I would like to thank the readers who signaled
the inevitable typos and other errors in the 4th edition. You
were very helpful. Also many thanks for your encouragement
and suggestions.
Some readers wanted this book to be more of a book for
beginners, giving step-by-step instructions on how to build
the antennas, starting from a simple dipole. Let me be blunt:
this is not a general antenna book or a beginner’s book on
antennas. The ARRL publishes the highly technical ARRL
Antenna Book, as well as a wide variety of publications aimed
at beginners and those requiring simple or small antennas.
The Low Band DXing book is meant to complement these
publications with a narrow focus on a fairly specialized field
— the low bands.
This book explains the basic principles of all of the technologies
(antennas, equipment, propagation and so on) required
to become successful on the low bands. On top of that, Low
Band DXing goes into detail on subjects that are typical for
DXing on the low frequencies. Receiving antennas are one
example, as well the very special propagation phenomena we
witness on the low bands.
One of the nice things about every new edition is the opportunity
it gives me to discuss various topics with a number
of eminent experts acting as mentors for each of the chapters
of this book. As in the past, many have been found willing to
coach, support, advise and help me with the chapters. I am
indebted a great deal to these fine gentlemen and true friends.
They were my perfect critics, coaches, counselors and godfathers
during the many, many months of hard work preparing
this new edition. Thank you Roger (ON6WU), Robye
(W1MK), Bill (W4ZV), George (W2VJN/7), Uli (DJ2YA),
Klaus (DJ4AX), George (K2UO), Lew (K4VX) and Frank
(DL2CC). Finally my thanks also go to the late L.B. Cebik,
W4RNL, who reviewed one of the chapters of the new book
just a week before becoming a Silent Key. Without all of you,
the work would have been so much harder, and there would
have been only half of the pleasure and satisfaction!
I am especially grateful to all authors and low band DXers/
contesters who let me quote from their work, use figures from
their publications or refer to their statements on various Internet
reflectors. Your contributions were essential.
Some contributors also brought up new items that were
expanded and included in this new edition. Examples include
the new voltage feed method for arrays, brought up by Pekka,
OH1TV, and the optimized hybrid coupler feed systems
developed by Robye, W1MK, and Greg, W8WWV. Thank
you Pekka, Greg and Robye! All of these are truly new items,
never before published.
John Devoldere, ON4UN
October 2010

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